Project motto, vision, mission, values & objectives

Our motto:    In varietate concordia, which in Latin means “Unity in diversity”.

Our vision:   Creation of a Cultural Route of the Council of Europe based on the cultural and historical heritage of the dynasty of Gediminids – the first Cultural Route initiated in Eastern Europe.

Our mission:   Promote the common cultural and historical heritage of the Belarusian, Czech, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Ukrainian and other peoples that lived in the 13th–15th centuries under the reign of the Gediminids or had direct dynastic links with them; and promote the contribution of these peoples to the making and development of the Pan-European values and identity through the development of a state-of-the-art international tourism product highlighting the theme of the Gediminids' cultural and historical heritage.

Our core values:   Peaceful coexistence, cooperation and mutual enrichment of nations; religious and cultural tolerance; pluralism; and historical memory.

Our objectives: