Gediminids' Way CEO Appointed Government Commissioner

Kyiv, Ukraine, June 18, 2014 – The Gediminids' Way Association Executive Director Gennadiy Druzenko was appointed the Government Commissioner for Ethnonational Policy, according to Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Order #567-r.

Геннадій Друзенко, виконавчий директор Асоціації органів місцевого самоврядування
Gennadiy Druzenko: "To me, the Gediminids epoch
will always be the 'golden age,' when Ukraine –
hundreds of years before Europe – was an example
of unity in diversity. Sure, you cannot 
copy and
paste this 'golden age' to the century of Internet
and hybrid warfare. Nevertheless, it can and will
serve me as the guiding star in my search
for a present-day Ukrainian formula of
unity in diversity"

The government introduced the ethnonational policy commissioner position on June 4, 2014, by Cabinet of Ministers Resolution #146. A Regulation, approved by this Resolution, reads that the Government Commissioner for Ethnonational Policy shall be "vested with the authority to ensure collaboration between the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, executive agencies and civil society institutions in order to secure rights of national minorities and indigenous peoples and maintain the interethnic unity and accord in the Ukrainian society."

"Much to my regret, I won't be able to combine my new position with the duties of The Gediminids' Way Association CEO," Mr. Druzenko said. "However, it doesn't mean that I'm leaving the project. Hopefully, they will find me a place on the Board of Trustees, and I'll continue doing my best so that The Gediminids' Way will not only develop but also will become a breakthrough project for modern Ukraine."