Portraits of GDL Rulers and Distinguished Figures Exhibited in Lutsk

Lutsk, Ukraine, Oct. 10, 2014 – The exhibition "Portraits of Rulers and Distinguished Figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania" by Lithuanian artists Artūras Slapšys opened in the Lutsk Art Museum – part of the Vytautas palace on the territory of the Liubartas Castle.

The exhibition is held on invitation of Lutsk Mayor Mykola Rimanyuk, who is also the President of the Association of Local Government "The Gediminids' Way." The event is dedicated to the 585th anniversary of the Congress of Lutsk – a conference of European monarchs held in the Castle of Liubartas.

Mr. Slapšys presented 45 portraits of GDL dukes and other prominent figures, which cover 300-year history of the state. He said the project idea came to him long ago, when he was living in the United States. After returning to Lithuania, he made a few portraits of most outstanding dukes. Then the artist met historians and the initiator of the collection, Antanas Gedvilas, the meeting eventually resulting in 45 portraits and their catalogue.

"History is important to restore a state's independence no less then economy and culture," said Mr. Slapšys. "You need to know your history, because a lot of dark forces distort it and use it to occupy others' lands, set peoples against each other – just what our common enemy does now," he addressed to Lutsk citizens.

He also said that it has just spontaneously occurred to him – paint a collection of postal stamps for Ukraine. The artist has experience in creating stamps for Lithuania and is willing to do the same for Ukraine. In addition, he said he intends to present to Lutsk his sculptures of Liubartas and Gediminas.

Photo album "Exhibition of Portraits of Rulers and Distinguished Figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania"