"The Gediminids’ Way" project was enriched with one more Lithuanian pearl – Taurage district

Lutsk, Ukraine, – 7 October 2015 the Association of Local Governments "The Gediminids' Way" (Ukraine) and the Tauragė District Municipality (the Republic of Lithuania) signed the Memorandum on Cooperation within the framework of "The Gediminids' Way" international project implementation.

On behalf of the Association the Agreement was signed by its President Mr. Mykola Romaniuk and on behalf of the Taurage District Municipality by Mr. Mayor Sigitas Mičiulis. The signatures of both parties confirmed their desire and striving to cooperate within the project and to establish the Gediminids' brand at the international level.  

Mr. Mičiulis noted that the municipality is very interested in the project and expressed his thank you to the Association for the initiative. 

Sigitas Mičiulis: "We are pleased to join the international project and are ready to make every effort to convert "The Gediminids' Way" into the unifying element not only between the cities, but among the families in particular."

Mr. Romaniuk indicated that appealing to our common past, we are looking for the effective models of fruitful cooperation in the future.

Mykola Romaniuk: "In varietate concordia is a motto of our project and principle of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Rus and Zhematiisk that teaches us to build and supplement our future with the diversity".

Memorandum of the cooperation