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How Lutsk feasted!
The celebration began with a solemn procession of city residents, guests, and riders on horses from the Bratsky mist (Brotherly bridge) to Castle square, where the Duke Vytautas made a welcoming speech to citizens.

Medieval images embody re-enactors from "Kievan Rus Park", Lutsk club of historical reconstruction and fencing "Ayna Bera". Higher school of riding "Karetnyi dvir" from Lviv demonstrated different elements and exercises on horseback. 

People could see the medieval fun, jousting tournaments, taste a honey, princely wine and kvass, and also to participate in the contest of medieval costume and win a lot of great and valuable prizes.
Exhibition of Portraits of Rulers and Distinguished Figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania The exhibition "Portraits of Rulers and Distinguished Figures of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania" by Lithuanian artists Artūras Slapšys opened in the Lutsk Art Museum
The 10th Scientific Conference Liubart's Readings

On May 22-23, 2014, the State Historical & Cultural Reserve in the City of Lutsk, Ukraine, held the 10th Scientific Conference "Liubart's Readings" dedicated to the 585th anniversary of the Congress of Lutsk.

Photos by Viktor Chukhray.
Night at the NaUOA History Museum On May 18, 2014, the International Museum Day, the National University of Ostroh Academy as well as the university's History Museum and Underground Art Gallery organized the Night at the NaUOA History Museum excursion.