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The third oldest city in Belarus, and the first one to which Magdeburg rights were granted, Brest is the country's important industrial, transport and cultural center.


The largest Polish city east of the Vistula River, Lublin is one of the oldest settlements in Poland. (Source: Marketing Miasta Lublin)


In the 12th century, Novogrudok was one of the richest towns in Black Rus or the Upper Neman Area. Here, King of Poland Jogaila wedded to Sophia of Halshany, and according to legends, here was buried Mindaugas – the first Grand Duke of Lithuania.

Kaunas, Lithuania, Nov. 27, 2013. Meeting of The Gediminids' Way project participants On the eve of the Eastern Partnership Summit in Vilnius, representatives from The Gediminids' Way project participating municipalities signed an Appeal to European Leaders calling upon them to support their initiative and favor implementation of "the first Cultural Road of Council of Europe initiative originating in Eastern Europe."